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Katie Snipes Lancaster

This is a place of prayer. Prayer means seeking divine possibility while we navigate human impossibilities: life on the cusp of death, justice in the midst of injustice, strength in a time of weakness, a way forward when the path ahead has been obscured. To use Nicholas De Cusa’s words, God is posse ipsum: Possibility Itself. God enfolds us in all that might be possible, despite all that is impossible in human life. Prayer bears the futility and urgency of seeking to comprehend our incomprehensible God. Prayer celebrates the dynamic relationship between God and the created universe, and reveals the complexities of God who is ever-present, yet ever-absent and beyond. Prayer urges us to live attune to God who calls us ever forward into the impossible possibilities before us.

#100daysproject #100poems100prayers

This place of prayer exists because of the #100daysproject during which I spent 100 days writing 100 prayers connected to 100 poems by 100 poets. The entire project is posted on instagram @impossiblepossibility. Each prayer is accompanied by a verse or phrase from the daily lectionary, rooting prayer in the global ecumenical practice of reading a common set of scripture daily, and buoyed by the language of poets.

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